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Pimcore GmbH

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Pimcore GmbH is a subsidiary of the elements Group, a leading full-service digital company in Austria. Currently 83 experienced and dedicated software developers, marketers and designers help to create exceptional digital experiences based on the Pimcore Platform.

Established in 2013, Pimcore GmbH is the true home of some of the brightest minds in content management, digital asset management, product information management and e-commerce. Every day, the team pushes the limits of the only open-source multi-channel experience and engagement management platform pimcore.

Established in late 2010, Pimcore soon became the open source alternative for advanced content management and e-commerce solutions in leading enterprises. With an install base of more than 80.000 sites and applications, available in 18 different languages pimcore is the stack of choice for numerous digital agencies, system integrators, technology consultants and their clients. 

Aktuelle Case Studies

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    Burger King

  • 04. Juli 2017

    Pro Touch

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