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What Makes Parkour Stand out Among 'PIM' Solutions for Retailers

Whether you are a CXO who knows what a smooth omnichannel experience can do for your business, a marketer who wants to maintain structured and consistent data, a buyer looking to forge better relationships with suppliers or a manager constantly engaged in assessing online sales, you probably know the value of a good PIM solution, right?

Well, partly! While decision makers in organizations are amply clear about the advantages of PIM, it's often difficult for them to zero in on a PIM solution, that'll fit their needs.

The best way to find that out? Analyze if a solution is capable enough to solve your business challenges, but to what extent?

No matter how you choose to decide, a couple of things that will always make a difference to your business are flexibility and a seamless customer experience. And that's where Parkour, the consolidated open source platform for PIM, MDM, DAM, WCM and e-commerce, scores above others. Here's a brief analysis.

Parkour Understands What Retailers Want

Retailers want to engage customers by constantly building and rebuilding a dynamic relationship where persuasive packages, products, offers and a personalized targeting of buyers takes place. It's a milieu where there is zilch scope for inconsistencies, redundancies, duplicity or ambiguity.

They need a solution that can showcase product attributes (descriptions, images, audio, video, prices, etc.) and enable consumers to make hassle free and unwavering purchase decisions.

By using single source publishing methodologies, Parkour's PIM enhances data consistency and curtails re-work to a great extent, while improving your staff's effectiveness by several notches. All this makes Parkour's PIM solution ideally placed for retailers.

Flexibility: Bedrock of Effective Retailing

Parkour's data model comes with an exceptional "connect anything" architecture. It is agile, hyper-flexible and highly adept at handling bazillions of products or master data with several different attributes.

It allows retailers to build data and asset management structures that fit perfectly with the needs of their product information management across business models. Through its one of a kind API driven approach, it can integrate into practically any IT landscape.

No matter how complicated the data handling scenario is, the flexibility Pimcore offers is unparalleled. Whether your requirement is analytical or operational, Pimcore's PIM is the way to go.

Customer Experience: The Soul of Retailing

According to Forrester,72% of businesses rate customer experience as their top priority, while only 63% marketers plan their technology investments accordingly to realize their goals.

With Pimcore, managing every facet of each master record, right from hierarchy, validations, versioning, structure, and enriching master data with attributes, translations, descriptions, documentation and other related data components is effortlessly achievable.

The consistency brought in through a single version of product information, correct product messaging, and operational efficiencies not only bolsters the customer experience but enables and guides the customers to make informed decisions.

Outstanding Features of Pimcore at a Glance

  • Facilitates creation of mobile sites, responsive sites, microsites, mobile apps, landing pages and more
  • Helps you manage data from multiple domains within one consolidated platform
  • Comes with a user-specific dashboard
  • Enables quick data entry
  • Unmatched data quality and management
  • Context-sensitive navigation, built-in style editor, language translation, intuitive drag-and-drop approach
  • Easy and efficient data integration from different sources
  • One of the fastest time to market.

In the last quarter of 2016, Forrester had predicted that digital touchpoints would affect more than 51%, or $1.7 trillion in the US by 2017.

It means if you're a retailer in today's environment, then PIM can be your ticket to success.For a seamless experience of your product across multiple (digital and physical) touchpoints and channels and their effective management and synchronization, PIM's your best bet.

So, the next time you need a PIM solution for your retail brand you know where to look!

Get in Touch!

If you are seeking a solution around PIM, DAM, MDM, WCM or Digital Commerce for your retail brand, then Pimcore can help you with it. Drop us a line at or simply find us here.

And if you happen to be in Chicago between 6-9 June 2017, then see us at the IRCE (Internet Retailers Conference +Exhibition), happening at McCormick Place West, Chicago, where we are exhibiting!

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